I Fell Off!

Sure, I’ve fallen off a step back in the day. I’ve fallen off a treadmill and certainly a Bosu ball. But this time I really fell – I fell off my own To Do list! And my health and wellness have taken the brunt of that accident.

While working out a couple of times a week and sneaking in a yoga class to sweat off a long day certainly is better than nothing, I had kicked off 2013 with a full-blown commitment to making workouts a bigger part of my week. I love them, they’re good for me, so why not? But then…

Then the To Do list for work got longer than it has ever been (a blessing and a curse when self-employed), the personal stuff blew up (buying and selling a house can do that, right?), and my kids and family life got hectic. All good things, so I know to count my blessings and I do that often, but something really unfortunate did happen.

“Me time” kept slipping to the bottom of the list. The Outlook calendar reminders to get to the gym sat overdue for a day or two before I laced up those shoes or hit the mat.

Get Back Up

But like anything else, I got back up. No, I do not have the time at this exact moment to commit to major workouts, and I’m staying up far too late at night working and organizing and packing to set the alarm for 5 a.m., but I’m not letting myself fall so far off the list anymore.

As I result, I’ve gotten a bit more creative. I’m working out at home in a spare 30 minutes or running around the neighborhood when we’re graced with beautiful sunshine. Or sometimes I run to the gym – fresh-air fix! – lift weights for a few reps, grab some water and run home. It gives me the best of all worlds – freedom on the street and structure at the gym, all in about 35 minutes!

Like all of those habits we work hard to break, it’s hard work to maintain the good ones, too.

Here’s to not falling off anything, especially our own To Do lists!

Think Spring,