Sometimes It’s All in the Company

It’s safe to assume that most of us have experienced cyclical trends in our level of commitment, our type of workout and even our enthusiasm for doing it at all. Sure, we all have friends that are die-hards – working out daily before anyone else wakes up or late-night while the rest of us chill in front of the TV – but it’s totally natural for life, emotions, whatever it is to get in the way sometimes.

For me, the ups and downs are pretty easily managed by trying a new workout. Workout trends keep me interested and keep me committed, they always have. I definitely “stepped” it up in the 90s, brought in the millennium with a fierce uppercut and Billy Blanks in the living room (interviewed him over the phone once, too!), and more recently have TRX’d, boot camped and given BodyPump a go.

Sure, some like the mindless time spent hoofing it on the treadmill or elliptical day after day, but I can only watch so many daytime talk shows or Seinfeld reruns. (Once when I was trying to become a “runner,” I planned my workouts around watching “The View,” but 10 a.m. is a pretty tough commitment to keep when there’s life, work and family getting in the way.) I like the mindless, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes challenging your mind and body can make your workouts that much more intense and thus effective.

It’s the Company that Counts

And sometimes it’s all about your workout buddy. Back in my 9-5 days, my colleague/friend and I would motivate each other to make it count at 5:30 p.m. Lately I’ve found great satisfaction in the camaraderie at boot camp at 5:30 a.m. and again on Saturday mornings where I get my mommy-chat fix. And, of course, my yoga instructors offer great motivation.

And then there’s Stephanie! My first and only trainer and I just celebrated our 5-year-anniversary together. We’ve been through weddings, new babies (and the post-baby body x 2!), new businesses and new careers. She taught me to stick to it and assures me I’m stronger than I look and sometimes feel.

So next time you hit a rut, try something new. Or try it with someone new. I know for certain that friends that sweat together, stay together.

From one sweaty girl,

-tn_Rivkin Blog Icon1Jill