Pack It Up, Not On!

Last week I sweat it out in my childhood bedroom for 20 minutes, with my own child getting tangled in my feet and otherwise doing her best to count my reps and time my intervals on a watch. Certainly it wasn’t a stellar workout, but I broke a sweat, flexed some muscles and once again did my best to be good role model for my daughter who loves participating in a “Mommy workout.”

There’s no question that everyone faces individual challenges over the holiday season. Launched with Halloween candy, the late-fall/early-winter months bombard us with health and wellness challenges, and sticking to a routine can be near impossible sometimes. Each one of us sets our own goals for this time of the year – sometimes simply to maintain our weight, stick to our fitness routines and not lose our minds from all of the additional commitments that are piled on top of life’s daily grind.

Let’s Do It!
So I implore you to tackle this season with me. Fact is, I love food, and I love this season and its festivities. And while I’m always fighting the number on the scale, this season I’m not wavering one bit in my commitment to fitness.

Being away from home (or having friends or relatives in your home) can be tough, indeed, but the first line of defense is to pack those sneaks and sweat-wicking Ts. When I used to travel for work, I always made sure the sneaks and gear were in the bag. Even for one night away, if I didn’t have them packed then working out was not even an option. Now when I travel with my family in tow – toys, books, diapers, the volume of stuff is insane! -- I know I still need to pack up those gym clothes to prevent packing it on.

Sweat with the Best(ies)
For me, returning to my hometown means invaluable time with my oldest and dearest girlfriends. (I’m so lucky to have them!) And so I have set out to make fitness a part of those relationships whenever possible – sure we indulge on cocktails or a great dinner together (there’s nothing healthier than a GNO!), but we’ve also got trainer dates and vinyasa on the calendar. Sweating it out while catching up on each other’s lives double dips – emotional and physical boosts simultaneously!

So in addition to wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday season, I also wish for you the commitment and courage to keep moving, keep grooving and keep burning.