Everyone wants a slimmer waistline and toned muscles.  Slimming down and toning up takes a combination of proper nutrition and specific exercise programming that targets trouble spots and efficiently burns calories. Chicago Athletic Club is the health club in Chicago with everything you need to make that happen.  Not only do we have state of the art facilities, the best combination of strength and cardio equipment and hundreds of Group Fitness classes as part of your membership, but as your neighborhood club we offer the support of a health minded community that keeps you focused and on-track.

We also have the expertise of Personal Trainers to help tailor programs to your individual goals, Small Group Training programs that target specific results in a fun group atmosphere, plus all sorts of exciting amenities like our Climbing Walls and Triathlon club that will make sure you never get bored!



The Slim, Trim & Tone Workout

Want to get leaner, stronger and healthier?  It's a total package!  Our Slim, Trim & Tone guide has everything you need to boost your current workout plan and step up your game to finish off those final pounds.  With specific exercises, nutritional recommendations, and some conventient pointers to help you stay on track, this E-bookgives you a great game plan to get a sleek physique.

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