Workout of the Week: Total Cardio Blast


This fast paced full body cardio workout doesn't require a treadmill. Using a box, a ViPR and a rope this workout will push you out of your comfort zone. Do each excercise for 40 seconds work, 15 seconds rest.

 Hannah Lee Box Jump

Box Jumps:

With abs engaged, eyes and chest up, jump up onto a step or plyo box. Feet should be flat on the landing, knees soft. Pause and momentarily hold the position at the top before jumping back down off the box. 

ViPR Thread the needle

ViPR: Thread the Needle:

Stand upright with feet a little more than shoulder width apart, enought to make sure you are able to thread th eViPR through your legs. Begin with the ViPR at chest height, and rotate the ViPR a quarter turn. Thread the ViPR through your legs as you begin your squat. Return to standing, rotate the ViPR a half turn and repeat.


Runner's Lunge

Begin in a plank position with hands directly below shoulders. Step your right foot forward to the outer edge of your mat next to your right pinky finger. Relax through your hips and back, letting them sink toward the ground. Breathe and hold for 30 seconds. Switch sides.

Battle Ropes

Battle Rope Wave:
Hold the ropes as though you were going to shake someone’s hand. Palms face inward toward one another. Drop into a squat position, hinging at your hips, and lean your upper body slightly forward. Hold a rope in either hand using the handshake grip. Making waves up and down with the ropes, making sure the ripples run all the way to the end of your anchor point


ViPR Uppercut: 

Stand with feet a little more than shoulder width apart. Squat down to grab the ViPR with both hands in nuetral grip. Come to standing while lifting the ViPR in an uppercut over your right shoulder. Swing the ViPR back down to between your legs while coming back into a squat position. Swich your hand grip and do the same movement on the left side.