Is Weight Training Right for Me?


It’s a question the personal trainers at Chicago Athletic Clubs often receive from people of all ages, genders, and walks of life. 

It’s why we put together this helpful guide on weight training to show whether you can benefit from weight lifting in your fitness regimen, no matter who you are!

Running Athlete Weight Training

We often get questions from athletes—particularly runners—wondering whether an all-over muscle-building regimen will help, or hinder, their performance.

In general, a weight training routine is only likely to help your athletic performance by making you more resistant to injury, muscularly balanced, and—yes, runners—perhaps even faster

That said, changing your body composition to that of a bodybuilder isn’t conducive to every form of athletic performance. Yet, developing a bodybuilder’s physique isn’t easy. It takes years of special diet and intense physical training. In the end, a moderate weight training routine will likely only positively influence your running and athletic performance.

Weight Training for the Elderly

Should the elderly practice weight training? With a healthy regimen, weight training can help older fitness enthusiasts build bone density and strengthen muscles that help prevent injury and other health issues

Weight training doesn’t have to be extreme for participants to have positive benefits. For example, gentler isotonic weight training exercises and pool-based training classes can be perfect exercises for the elderly. 

If you’re looking to get started with weight training and aren’t sure where to begin, reach out to one of Chicago Athletic Clubs’ personal trainers today!

Weight Training for Women

There’s often the unfair stigma that weight training is an exclusively male exercise, and that’s simply not the case! Weight training offers positive health benefits for people of both genders, and there’s simply no reason to avoid lifting weights because of inaccurate stereotypes.

Many women worry about appearing bulky or overly muscular, but those fears are often misplaced. Building the physique of a bodybuilder is no easy process—particularly for women. It usually takes years of serious training and a special diet. Most women’s experience with weight training is to benefit from positive improvements to their mood, health, muscle tone, and overall strength–and they might even experience weight loss.

Weight Training while Pregnant

Light weight training while pregnant can be a valuable way to remain healthy—but it’s essential to incorporate the advice of your licensed and trained medical professional.  

Many women have found positive benefits to weight training in the early months of pregnancy. Still, since every pregnancy is different, it’s important to seek your doctor's advice first.

Chicago Athletic Clubs: Offering Weight Training Classes Near You

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