6 pieces of equipment for Pilates training

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Six Pieces of Equipment for Pilates Training Pilates, named after its German-born creator Joseph Pilates, focuses on correct alignment, control, breathing, flowing movement and concentration to build overall body strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone. These equipment pieces give a range of choices to aid in a personalized Pilates workout. The Bodhi Suspension System® from Balanced Body® The Bodhi offers 4-point suspension allowing for endless opportunities to suspend the body from each point, targeting core strength, stability and balance. As you lean into the ropes, your body's alignment with gravity is challenged causing your deeper muscles to engage, working the body from the inside out. Focus: Upper body exercises like chest press, rows and triceps press will be taken to a new level when leaning into the ropes. The CoreAlign® system from Balanced Body On the CoreAlign’s frame there are two tracks and carts that move independently with elastic tubes for resistance and a ladder at one end with straps and handles. This system brings the Pilates principles to your feet focusing on posture and balance. It is fantastic for working on gait mechanics and power for runners. Doing side splits using strong resistance strengthens hips and glutes. Focus: This system stimulates core stability muscles to engage in perfect timing while performing challenging exercises. The Oov The shape of the Oov matches the natural spinal curves of your body and acts like a cradle for your spine. Lying on the Oov activates core-stabilizing muscles while gently extending the spine to stimulate healthy intervertebral disc lubrication. Since it is an unstable surface, the Oov strengthens neural pathways while you perform exercises on it. Focus: Lying on your back on the Oov and doing a simple exercise like lifting one leg up to a table top will immediately cause your core to engage. The Pilates Chair Designed by Joseph Pilates as a compact workout system for New York apartments, the Pilates chair enhances stability, balance and body control. For example, doing a side lying teaser twist on the chair with one hand on the pedal and your hip on the chair base will strengthen your oblique abdominals and test your body control and strength. Focus: The focus on upper and lower body strength and conditioning with the spring resistance makes the chair a great choice for athletes. The Trapeze Table The Trapeze Table is also known as the Cadillac. With its sturdy metal frame, this table can be a playground for acrobatic exercises where you can pull yourself up and hang from its strong frame. This piece also helps rehabilitate injuries using spring resistance for assistance. Focus: It is a great advantage to clients who have limited movement, balance issues, or difficulty getting up and down from the floor. The Pilates Reformer With this popular and versatile piece, the gliding carriage is attached to the frame by springs that offer progressive resistance. A jumpboard can be added to the reformer to add plyometrics into your Pilates workout. A heavier spring tension will condition your legs, glutes and core for power, while a lighter tension will give you more hang time and your core will engage to stabilize your body on the carriage through your jump. Focus: Side splits on the spring-loaded carriage challenge balance while giving you strong powerful glutes and legs.