Weightless for the First Time


I have a horrible admission to make. For as enlightened as I would like to think that I am, seeing the hard work of over a year transforming my body seemingly disappear in my pregnancy was mildly upsetting.

If I think about it, I know that I was more upset that my body was physically just not capable of what it was a few months back. My body reacts when I'm not active. My energy sags, I don't feel as good as I do when I can regularly exercise. Of course, taking into account normal and necessary weight gain, ligament pain in my sides, and a massive belly that needs to be held up with a belt that makes me look ridiculous but feel much better, the adjustment has been incredibly difficult for me.

I have struggled for months with even the simplest workouts. From walking exceptionally slowly on a treadmill to taking a yoga class was too much for my system. I took a couple of months off just to give my body a rest and try to figure out how I can maintain fitness while dealing with the rest of my pregnancy. Unfortunately, the pre-natal yoga classes are only held while I'm at work so my options were limited.

But then it occurred to me… LSAC has a pool. I'm not a great swimmer but perhaps one of the non swimming classes would be a good idea. I bit the bullet, bought an ugly maternity bathing suit and gave it a shot.

Who knew you could sweat while in the water! Now I do. In a 45 minute class, my heart rate went up, I was doing cardio, core work and endurance work that made me forget the heavy belly I'm carrying around. For the first time in months, I felt active, I felt like I was doing something good for myself and good for the twin boys hanging out in my stomach! My class is filled with people from every walk of life. Younger than I am, older than I am, pregnant, not pregnant, recovering from injuries, you name it. In the water, we are all weightless, we are all graceful.

There is no judging in the pool. Kim's recurring theme is "the more awkward you are under the water, the harder you are working". What a wonderfully freeing comment. So those of you who are awkward, who move slowly for whatever reason, who aren't comfortable in the main gym…. come to the pool. We have so much fun, we laugh, we sweat (I know it sounds weird but we sweat!), we are gracefully awkward and working hard. If me and my big ole belly can do this, you can too and I'll cheer you on every step of the way!


Jen Howell--Jen Howell




Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuone / FreeDigitalPhotos.net