Invest in your Health

Most people know me around the Chicago Athletic Clubs as the BodyPump™ instructor who makes corny jokes while motivating members to sweat from their elbows. I’ve been teaching one of the world’s fastest ways to get in shape since 2005; it’s no secret that I’m passionate about Pump and the results it offers participants. What many members don’t know is that I’m also passionate about helping people with their money and guiding them toward long-term financial peace and security. As a fitness instructor AND certified public accountant, I believe that our health and our financial state are closely tied to one another.

Think about it: sticking to a diet and exercise program is similar to sticking to a savings plan or budget. Both require discipline and staying power as results are cumulative and not immediate. In our oh-my-gosh-why-won’t-this-website-load-after-5-seconds everythingrightnow society, good old-fashioned delayed gratification is almost non-existent. No wonder we have an obesity problem. No wonder people are drowning in consumer debt.

Solid Solutions

It’s not due to a shortage of solutions (there’s a new diet book out each day it seems), but more our overall, “I want it NOW,” lifestyle expectations. And too often when I work with people on getting their money under control, the last thing they want to spend money on is their health, despite being unhappy with their weight or the way their clothes fit. And despite some of their financial troubles being caused by preventable illnesses related to unhealthy living, they’re not making the connection.

Investing a little bit of time and money today in your health will pay the dividends of saving money in the future on expensive health issues. The first place to start, of course, is at your neighborhood CAC location. But just buying the membership doesn’t pay dividends – you need to start showing up. If you haven’t been in a while, we miss you! This is a great time of year to get back into a gym routine, when the machines aren’t packed with New Year’s resolution gym rats. You’ll have space to get started without feeling trampled.

And if you haven’t tried a BodyPump or other group fitness class, check it out. Our instructors are the best in the city and they’ll leave you feeling accomplished and motivated. You can find me teaching on Tuesday nights at LSAC, Thursday mornings at WAC or Saturday mornings at WPAC. I hope to see you soon for a full-body workout to great music!

Stay tuned to the CAC blog for future tips on investing in your health. Hitting the gym is just the beginning…

Kelley Long