Austin Moulder


Austin grew up in a community where healthy living and physical fitness were crowded out by streets filled with fast food chains. He grew up obese and ignorant to the world of health. 

 It wasn’t until college that Austin discovered the power that exercise can have in building strong habits, lifting one’s mood, and enriching one’s life. Austin is obsessed with using training as a tool to unlock one’s potential. Whether that be functional fitness, weight loss, muscle gain, emotional balance, energy acquisition, technical mastery, or anything in between, Austin’s goal-oriented adaptable approach will certainly set you on the right path for your personal journey. 

 Austin is the right choice for you if you want a trainer that can relate to having been intimidated by the gym, to having undergone firsthand the journey of weight loss, to having been surrounded by distractions that could interfere with one’s best life. Austin intimately knows the journey of personal growth so he can not only help you in your own journey, but also give you lifelong tools for personal development across several aspects of a healthy life. 

Outside of personal training, Austin is a semi-pro Latin social dancer, a portrait & events photographer, a language enthusiast, a personal finance guide, and a business consultant. IN BETWEEN SETS, if you want to learn how to optimize your hobbies, grow your business, or just reflect on the week, Austin is here to listen and help. Receive holistic personal training and unlock your greatest potential inside and outside of the gym with Austin Moulder as your trainer. 

Education and Experience
Washington University in St. Louis, B.A. in Economics and International Studies, M.B.A. in Entrepreneurship and Product Management 


National Academy of Science and Medicine, NASM 

CPR-AED Certified 

Hometown: Kansas City, MO 

Favorite Exercise: Push-up (and its hundred variations!) 

Location: Lakeview


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