You can stay healthy from home, and Chicago Athletic Clubs is here to support your health no matter where you have to be.

Your health is the most important thing right now.

As these uncertain times are rapidly evolving, nothing is more important than taking care of yourself and your loved ones.  Your health is our number one priority, and as your community resource we are here to make sure that you have every opportunity to stay active and fit no matter where you may be.  Our Workouts of the Week on our blog are trainer designed workout sessions, many of which can be modified to use little or no equipment from the comfort of your own home, plus our online training programs that give you great sessions for mobile fitness. We will continue to add to this growing list of fun, accessible and free options for you to reduce stress, make healthy choices and stay your healthiest from home!

Some online resources to help you stay fit

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LesMills On Demand

LES MILLS On Demand – where your favorite workouts are available anytime (morning, noon or night), anywhere (in our open studios – check the app! – at home or on the road) so you can keep breaking a sweat and rocking life! Get your exclusive 30 day Free trial NOW.

CAC Online Training working out

CAC Online Training

We've got your way to sweat it out at home or on the go with expertly designed mobile workouts you can do anywhere, created by our own Chicago Athletic Club Personal Trainers.

More ideas and inspirations for a healthy lifestyle at home

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How to Conquer Stress

Some simple things you can do to manage stress during challenging moments.

Goal Writing crop

Setting New Goals for YOU

A little down time can be a great opportunity to work on establishing new goals for future success.

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Body-Weight Workout

One of our favorite CAC Workouts of the Week  for an amazing at-home workout.

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Heart Healthy Foods

Three key ingredients to keep your heart healthy, plus a fun and easy  recipe to make at home.

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Eat for More Energy

Eating right can help you perform better, reduce stress and feel all around great!

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The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is more than rest, it's an essential part of your overall health and wellness.