Workout of the Week: 6 Minutes to a Six Pack




This is a great core workout that can be done alone or added to the end of any workout for an extra bit of work. The actual work will take 6 minutes, with rest periods between each round the entire workout should take at most 10 minutes. 

The basics: Preform all four exercise in a circuit for 30 seconds each. After the fourth exercise of the circuit take a 60 second break and start over.  Do three rounds. Try to move as quickly as possible between each exercise (ideally less than 10 second break between each).


Supine cable pulls - lay flat on your back about 1 foot from a cable machine. Set the height of the cable 2 notches from the bottom. Set the weight at about 10-15 lbs. Hold single handle with a two handed grip just underneath your chin and about 4 inches above your chest. Keeping your gaze toward the ceiling the entire movement, pull the cable down toward one hip while elevating your shoulders off of the mat. Bring the cable back to starting position and repeat the movement to the other hip. 


Body saw - start in a plank position with forearms parallel to each other on the mat and toes on sliders. While staying in the plank push yourself backward by pushing through your elbows. Once you reach the point where you can on go back any further without falling pull yourself back to the starting position by pressing your forearms hard into the ground and dragging your feet forward. Remember, stay in a good plank. Do not let your hips from sag down to low or raise up too high. 


Seated leg extensions- these can be done with a weight held between your toes or without one. Sit on a bench as shown in the video leaning slightly back with your hands on the bench for balance. Slowly extend your legs fully, then retract them until your knees are almost touching your chest. Keep your back straight throughout the entire movement. No slouching! 


Russian twists - these can be done with a medicine ball, dumbbell, or kettlebell. Sit back onto your tail bone with knees bent and feet completely off of the ground. Keep your back totally straight. Hold the medicine ball about chest high. Rotate your torso from side to side. If this is too difficult, as a regression this can be done in the same position with your heels lightly touching the ground. 

Stanley Dayan is a trainer at Webster Place, Stanley is a trainer at The Webster Place Athletic Club.
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“My motto is that to be strong you have to think strong. Whatever fitness goal you may have is always achievable as long as you believe it.”