Workout of the Week: Muay Thai Moves




The Basics:
Muay Thai (or Thai Boxing) uses punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes. Most mixed martial artists will turn to Muay Thai to supplement their striking because of the array weapons available and the crossover application.

In this intense partner workout, one person will do the excercise for 30 seconds while the other partner wears hand mitts to use as the target for punches and kicks. After 30 seconds, switch places. Go through the sequence 4 times. 

For this workout, follow the video for real form and relationship to your partner. We've dumbed this down A LOT for the sake of a quick reference. For greater detail on form we urge you to book a session with Jacob!

Superman Punch Muay Thai WOW.png

Superman Punch:

The superman punch is performed by feigning a kick, and then leaping in while simultaneously throwing a cross and kicking the same side leg backwards into the air.

Side Kick Muay Thai WOW.png

Side Kick

The legs are slightly bent. The heels are elevated a little. The upper body is crouched slightly. Keep your chin close to your chest. Lift your leg sideways and thrust your foot straight towards your opponent. This is a fast kick. Keep your kick only chest high.

Roundhouse Kick Muay Thai WOW.png 

Roundhouse Kick

Using the same starting stance from above, take a 45-degree step with the non-kicking leg. Open up the hips. Bring the knee up and across the desired target. Turn the hips over. Extend the leg. With the opposite side hand, sweep hand over head as if combing hair over. Follow the kick all the way through.

Flying Knee Muay Thai WOW.png

Flying Knee

To deliver power to the knee and to land it on your opponents head, bend your knees slightly so you can jump and drive upwards. As you are jumping up turn/rotate your lead hip to the rear as you rotate your rear hip to the front. At the peak of your jump point your knee and strike.

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