Workout of the Week: BOSU Workout

BOSU Workout



The Basics:
Perform 12 reps of each excercise. Repeat 4 times. For Chest Press do 10 reps on each arm. You will need small hand weights, bosu ball and stability ball. 

 Maggie Bridge with swiss ball.png

Elevated bridge

Lay flat on your back with your knees bent and feet on top of the the bosu ball, articulate through your spine and lift your pelvis up to a full bridge. Squeeze your glutes and fully extend your knees with the ball rolling away from you. Bend your knees back in and articulate through your spine as you lower your pelvis down.

Maggie Flys with swiss ball.png

Chest fly

Lay on the bosu ball so your head and neck and resting on it. Have a dumbbell in each hand with arms raised above you. Extend your arms out to each side while keeping your elbows straight, lift them back in.

*tip: squeeze your booty while doing this exercise for extra core and glute work!

Maggie single arm press on bosu.png 

Single arm shoulder press:

Using the half bosu ball stand in the middle of the ball on your right leg, let your left leg rest against the ball for support. Have the dumbbell in your right hand with your elbow bent at 90 degrees, fully extend your arm all the way up and then back down to where your started. Have your other arm extended straight side for extra stabilization. Repeat the same thing on the left side.

Maggie leg raises on bosu.png

Leg raise

Sit on the half bosu with your hands on the floor behind you. Have your legs extended straight up, lower your legs as low as you can without touching the floor and bring them back up.
*tip- the further you incline your upper body on the bosu and the further you are able to lower your legs the more you work your lower abs!

Maggie Priore is a trainer at Wicker Park


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