Workout of the Week: Cable Machine Workout




The Basics:
Perform 8-12 reps for each exercise, 2-3 sets, with minimal rest between sets.

Pro Tips:
1) Keep entire core engaged throughout (tight quads, glutes, abs, and lats), with slow and controlled movements. These are great core exercises that don’t look like core exercises!
2) Don’t rush through the reps – Remember: Go Longer, Get Stronger.

Instead of simply going with the lighter stack weight, use the interstitial add-on brick weights to close the gaps. "Push your limits and your limits will move."

 Aaron Cable Squats.png

Use cable rope attachment and place pulley setting to the bottom of the machine. Select starting weight between 60-80% of your body weight. Grip the cable rope so that the rubber ends are against tops of your thumbs. Pull ropes close to your chest and walk back 3-4 steps. Keeping ropes close to chest, slowly descend into squat position so that thighs are parallel to floor, hold for 1-count, then stand back up, squeezing quads, glutes, and abs at top of movement.

Aaron Cable Pull Down.png

Use strap handle and place pulley setting to top of machine. Select appropriate weight so that you can keep arm straight without tipping shoulders forward. Bring shoulders down to activate lats and slowly pull handle down just past hip. Hold for 1-count and slowly bring arm back up.

Aaron Reverse Cable Crossover.png 

Use strap handle and place pulley setting to bottom of machine. Select appropriate weight so that you can keep arms as straight as possible during movement. Grip handles with opposite hands, stand up, engage core, and raise arms to full extension overhead. Hold for 1-count and return to starting position.

Aaron Anti Rotational Press.png

Use chrome “D” handle and place pulley setting at chest height. Select starting weight between 25-40% of your body weight. Pull handle to center of chest, back up 2-3 steps, and rotate 90 degrees from weight stack. Plant feet and engage quads, glutes, and abs. Slowly press handle away from body until arms are fully straight, hold for 1-count, then slowly bring back to chest. (Note: Even though this looks like an arm exercise, the primary effort will be felt in your obliques.)

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