Why Group Fitness Kicks Butt

More bang for your bottom...dollar.

You made the great decision to join Chicago Athletic Clubs, but have you explored everything thats included with your membership?  Specifically, our incredible list of group fitness classes that are FREE?  If not, you are missing out, because not only do we have the most engaging and talented instructors in the city of Chicago (it's a fact), we also continuously offer specialty programs and pop-up classes and workshops that are members only!

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Top 10 reasons why you should try Group Fitness:

10.  You get a brand new playlist to work out to.
9. You'll learn new moves that you can steal...er..."borrow" for your own workouts.
8. Built in motivation from our amazing instructors.
7. Accountability.
6. You'll burn more calories in an hour than you thought possible.
5. Changing up your workout routines improves results.
4. You don't have to think about what move to do next.
3. You get inspired by the other athletes working out beside you.
2. You can make new friends, or just stay focused in your own zone.
1. It's just plain FUN!