Workout of the Week: Pilates Ring Workout

Pilates Ring Workout



The Basics:
This workout uses a Pilates Ring and is based on some Pilates Mat basics. Do this workout in a circuit 4-5 times through.

 Maggie Priore Bridge (1).png

Bridge with Inner Thigh Pulse

Squeeze the ring between your knees. Lift your pelvis up while articulating through your spine. Keep squeezing the ring and articulate your spine on the way down. After 10-12 reps, stay lifted in your bridge and pulse your legs together for 20 seconds.

Maggie Priore Leg Pull In.png

Double Leg Pull-In

Have the ring between your ankles and your knees into your chest. Lift your head and neck off the mat and look into your lower abs. Fully extend your legs and arms out while squeezing the ring and keeping your shoulders off the mat. Bring everything back in.

*tip: to work your lower abs more, keep your legs as low to the ground as possible as you extend without lifting your lower back off the ground. Make sure your legs don't actually touch the mat.

Maggie Priore Clam Shell.png 

Clam Shells

Lay on your side and have your knees bent at 90 degrees with the ring between your knees. Squeeze the ring together 10-12 times, then pulse for 20 seconds..

Maggie Priore Leg Circle.png

Leg Circles with Hamstring Stretch

Put your foot in the ring and pull it toward you for a hamstring stretch. You can bend your knee  if you need to. The bottom leg can be straight or bent. You can also pull your leg to the side for an additional stretch. Next, get rid of the circle and cross your leg toward your midline and do 5-8 small circles, reverse the circle.

*tip- Try not to move your hips or supporting side. The work should come from your core!

Maggie Priore is a trainer at Wicker Park


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