3 Indoor Swimming Classes, Perfect for your 2023 Goals


When planning a cold-weather fitness routine, indoor group swimming classes are one of your best options. Indoor swimming workouts remain a refreshing and reliable exercise option, regardless of the weather. With their encouraging communities and experienced instructors, group indoor swimming workouts are the perfect exercise to stay motivated and fit during the colder months.

That’s why we put together the list of our top 3 indoor swimming classes, with options for everyone, regardless of their experience or fitness level!

1. Aqua Zumba®

Do you sometimes get bored during your workouts? We promise you won’t with Aqua Zumba!

Aqua Zumba is as much a pool party as an invigorating, dance-inspired, cardio-blasting workout. Like Zumba on dry land, Aqua Zumba is perfect for those seeking a body-toning, cardio-improving, high-spirited workout experience. 

With Aqua Zumba swimming classes, expect to dance, twist, stretch, splash, and laugh alongside a fantastic community of other exercise enthusiasts. 

2. Aqua: TBT

Aqua: Total Body Training is one of the best swimming classes to raise your fitness routine to the max. Aqua: TBT is an intense workout that utilizes water resistance to build strength and cardio.

With water equipment and bodyweight activities, you’ll give your body a great total-body workout. Aqua: TBT uses plyometrics–a high-intensity interval training–to help you build muscle and improve heart health.

Aqua: TBT is an excellent finisher for your regular weight-training workout. Or, it can fit perfectly between your weekly weight-training splits. Since pool exercise can work all the small muscles that often get neglected in regular strength-training regimens, it’s the perfect supplement to your routine.

3. Aqua: Movement

The gentler nature of pool training makes Aqua: Movement an excellent swimming class for those looking to build fitness, strengthen joints, and build core strength. Aqua: Movement allows students to gain a more extensive range of motion than they might on land, providing optimal muscle toning conditions. 

Aqua: Movement is a perfect swimming workout for seniors, those with slight injuries, or those looking to get back in shape. But just because Aqua: Movement is one of the more gentle group swimming classes doesn’t mean you can’t expect a good workout!

Chicago Athletic Clubs: Offering Indoor Swimming Classes this Fall 

Are you looking to sign up for indoor swimming classes this fall? Chicago Athletic Clubs offers top aquatic fitness programming, including all the swimming classes mentioned above. 

Learn from our experienced swim class instructors alongside our supportive and encouraging CAC membership communities. Staying fit this fall will be fun and easy with our indoor swimming classes on your weekly schedule!

CAC is a proud part of the Chicago fitness community, and we’re always excited to welcome new members. Reach out to us if you have any questions, or stop by one of our facilities and join us today