10 Gym Bag Essentials for Swimming

CAC_April_Revsised 10 Gym Bag Essentials for Swimming Before going to your gym’s pool for a refreshing early morning, midday or evening swim, several items can enhance a successful workout. Sure you need a swimsuit or swim trunks, but there are other things to consider. 1. Swimsuit: Look for a suit that is 100 percent polyester or PBT, a special type of textured polyester, if you want one that will not degrade in chlorine. A fit that is a little tight is good because it will loosen a bit in water. 2. Goggles: Visit a store and try on goggles to obtain the best fit and optimal comfort. Try sealing lenses without the strap; if they seal to your face, they fit. Don't store your goggles wet, as mold will grow which is not safe for your eyes. 3. Swim cap: Unless your hair is short, a swim cap keeps hair out of your face and limits chlorine damage. Latex caps stay on your head better and stretch more. Silicone ones last longer but tend to slip off. 4. Anti-fog spray: Foggy goggles are distracting. Use spray before your swim to keep lenses crystal clear. 5. Water bottle: Sip periodically. You won't be aware if it, but you are still sweating and need to replenish fluids. 6. Microfiber towel: These towels absorb well, are not heavy when wet and far less bulky than regular ones. 7. Deck shoes: Even the cleanest floors could harbor viruses and bacteria. Wear shoes on pool deck and use them in the shower. 8. Workout plan: Come prepared with the workout you want to complete. Preparation keeps you focused and gives you a goal. 9. Dry Bag: This type of bag, which helps the environment and is durable, keeps your wet items contained until you can dry them. 10. Vitamin C spray: If you suffer from itchy skin or don’t like the residual smell of chlorine, buy a small reusable trigger spray bottle and powdered Vitamin C. Dissolve a couple of teaspoons of the powder into 10 to 12 ounces of water and spray all over skin and hair before your shower. BONUS 11. Fitness trackers or GPS: The swimmers that I talked with recommended brands such as Garmin, Polar and Suunto. Active swimmers can visit www.swim.com as a source for analysis if you use a fitness tracker.