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Hola! Growing up, I struggled a lot with fitness. I was underweight, had terrible eating habits, and struggled with my body image. I often found myself unhappy with the cards I was dealt.


After joining my high school track and cross country team, I was introduced to resistance training and my first ever organized training schedule. At first it was intimidating, but with time I fell in love with the process. Not only did my physique improve, but I also cleaned up my eating habits and my mind felt sharper than ever before. I ended my high school career as head captain of both teams and immersed myself into the fitness world throughout college.


I remember what it’s like to not know where to start. The people who supported me at the beginning when I couldn’t find it in me to support myself are the reason why I decided to become a trainer. My training philosophy is built on the idea of passing it forward. Success isn’t linear, and life has ways of driving us off our course, but together I believe we can keep moving forward and reach your fitness goals!


NEIU, Northeastern Illinois University


NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) - Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC)



General Fitness, Functional Training, Strength Training, Mobility Training

Conditioning (high intensity training) and Fat Loss/Nutrition

Hometown: Skokie, Illinois

Favorite ExerciseOverhead Press!

Location: Evanston


Expert Personal Trainer

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