Lilly Sherman


I started dancing at 3 years old and have had a passion for movement ever since. In my younger years, I found out just how important strength training was in helping me to be the best dancer I could be, but as I grew up, I have found that exercise can also keep me in great mental shape. The physical and psychological benefits of exercise are something that I want to help share with the world. 

On top of personal training, I am currently working towards my doctorate in Physical Therapy which has further pushed my understanding of the importance of strength training for ensuring mobility, strength, and pain-free movement. In my training sessions, I focus on building the foundation of a strong body while also helping to improve flexibility and core stability.  

I have always seen exercise as a celebration of what the body can do and want to help others to get excited about movement! 

B.S. in Human Physiology 
Minor in Psychology 

NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist 

Strength and Conditioning, Flexibility 

Location: Lakeview

Hometown: Northbrook, IL

Favorite Exercise: Romanian Deadlifts! 


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