Keith Gubbins

I have always loved being active. From an early age I enjoyed playing different sports and focused mostly on soccer and competitive swimming. In my teens I learned about weightlifting and also got heavily into boxing and Muay Thai kickboxing. After that I learned a few Kung Fu styles and various conditioning methods. Since then I have delved into several resistance training styles and programs. I have enjoyed them all and nowadays I have been focusing on powerlifting, including Olympic lifts. I believe that everyone can benefit greatly from working out. No matter what your goal is, your health will be enhanced by utilizing the tools in a gym. I will make sure you learn proper technique to exercise safely, as well as challenge you to continually improve. I have trained people of different ages, ethnic backgrounds, physical limitations, and goals. I am looking forward to working with YOU so let's get started!

ACE- personal trainer; ACE- orthopedic exercise specialist Red Cross- CPR/AED; ACE Functional Training Specialist

strength training, powerlifting, weight loss, HIIT, bodybuilding, martial arts, boxing, kickboxing

Expert Trainer
Lincoln Square Athletic Club

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