Amy Sauvola


Life is a journey not a destination. This concept can also relate to fitness and wellness. Fitness does not happen overnight, it takes time, commitment, a plan and a path. The journey can get bumpy at times and that's ok. If we embrace the journey, grow, and learn from the journey it will make the destination that much more worth while.

I began my journey in college with a desire to help others achieve their goals in wellness and nutrition. I studied anatomy, physiology, kinesiology. I was fascinated with the human body and how everything works synergistically. I interned as a group exercise instructor at a senior citizen home and I fell in love with helping others in being physically active. I thought I found my path, but something was missing. (Did I mention I was in college, lived on pizza, exercised only a few times a week and stopped weighing myself when the number on the scale became too high to bear?) I was unhealthy, not fit, and absolutely had no confidence. How could I stand in front of someone and tell them how to do what I could not do for myself? I needed a change. I committed to make the changes necessary to improve my health and gain the confidence to help others. 

Fast forward to today- although the path was bumpy at times, I'm proud of where my personal journey has taken me. My personal journey has empowered me to practice my true passion of guiding others along their fitness and wellness journey. 

B.S. Health and Fitness Management

NASM  Personal Trainer
Group Fitness: Body Step, Body Pump, Body Combat, Sprint, Spinning, TRX

Elite Trainer 

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