Workout of the Week: Bosu HIIT


Full Body High Intensity Interval Training with one piece of equipment: The Bosu Ball

The basics: 30 "all out" with each exercise :10 "off" for transition getting as many reps as possible. Complete circuit of 4 exercises with :30 recovery after each circuit.  Compete 3-6 rounds.

Pro Tips:

  1. Use a buzzer system- my favorite app: "interval timer"
  2. Challenge yourself to get as many reps as possible the first round and try to keep that number as a minimum for every day
  3. Have an awesome upbeat playlist ready to get you hyped up


Squat sit up to tuck jump
Squat to lying down with your butt just below the center of the bosu. Bring your arms past your head so your palms touch the floor. Engage your core, tuck your chin in and sit up back to squat to launch into the tuck jump.

For tuck jump: coming out of the sit up, bend the knees and sit the butt into a half squat, jump up straight into the air by slightly bending forward, tucking the knees so they hit around the elbows. Return for a soft landing, balls of the foot first.


Shuffle to skater
Start in a small squat. Jump sideways to the right over the bosu, landing on your right leg. Bring your left leg behind you, but don't let your left foot touch the floor. Keeping your chest up, deepen the bend your in your right knee to work your glute muscles even more.

Reverse direction by jumping to the left leading with your left leg, allowing your arms to swing to the sides as you jump sideways, landing on your right foot. This completes one rep.


Plank jack push up
Start in the plank position with your hands on the flat side of the bosu with the elbows bent and the weight resting on the forearms

Your body should form a straight line from the shoulders to the ankles. Engage the core by contracting your abs. Jump your feet out to the sides as if you were performing a jumping jack but keep the upper body still. Return the feet to the starting position and that is 1 rep.


BOSU burpee
Come into a deep squat holding the BOSU at chest level. Place the ball side of the BOSU on the ground, then jump or walk your legs back to a plank position. With your hands flat on the top of the BOSU, do one push-up. Jump or walk your feet forward, coming into a deep squat. Stand and lift the BOSU overhead, staying strong in your core to prevent arching your back.