CAC Personal Training Month

July 2019

That is right! All of July is Personal Training Month at CAC, which means we are highlighting everything about training for you, our members, to help you on your health and fitness journey.  Plus, opportunities for you to win FREE personal training sessions and more!  Check out all that is happening this month below!

Personal Training Month Weekly Challenges

Mondays starting July 8th at 8am and 6pm

Every Monday at 8am and 6pm, swing by your club and take our weekly challenge.  The top male and top female each day win a 60 minute Personal Training Session! 

Week 1: Push-up Plank position and then, crab walk taps.  Each participant will have 1 minute for each exercise to get as many alternate taps to their shoulders as many times as possible in a minute in a push-up plank position. After a short 30 second pause, they will add to those reps but in crap walk position. The participant will alternate tapping their opposite foot with their opposite hand as many times as possible for another additional minute. Total time for test is 2 minutes and 30 seconds. 

Week 2: Squat Hold for time (with a twist) every participant will have to pinch a 9lb. Bodybar in their hip crease to ensure the right depth for their squat. That when the timer starts. They will pass a Pilates ball in a figure 8 through the legs for as long as they can   Timer stops when the bar drops or the ball falls out of the participants hands. 

Week 3: Timed Eyes Closed Test.  Hands on the hip, eyes closed 1L balance test add both times together.  Shouldn’t take longer than 1 minute a person. Hands aren’t allowed to come off the hips, no eyes opening, no hobbling around to maintain balance. 

Week 4: 500m Row for Time. Sets the Rower at level 10 and be the fastest to row 500m. 

EVOLT360 Special

Take advantage of our current EVOLT360 body scanner special and get 3 sessions for only $60!
Get special

25% off RMR

For the month of July, get 25% of RMR Testing. All members are eligible for the discount, not other purchases needed to qualify. See your trainer for details.


We are giving away 18oz YETIs as a free gift to anyone who purchases a Personal Training package of 8 sessions or more. Good for both 60-min and 30-min packages. While supplies last. 

July 25th Trainer Meet and Greet

On July 25th from 6-7:30 pm at all locations come and get to know your personal trainers!  The meet and greet will be a fun event for members to meet and learn a little more about the CAC Personal Trainers.   Trainers will be available to answer any fitness questions or training questions.  We will be raffling off a 8 one hour session package at all clubs available to the members who attend the meet and greet, so stop by for your chance to win!  Winners will be notfied by email the following day.   No RSVP required, just show up and have fun!