Adrenaline Rush Workout - The Workout of the Week



Get ready to burn some calories with the adrenaline rush workout. This high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout will get you sweating in no time. 

The Basics:  30 seconds on Ropes, 15 seconds break, 45 seconds push planks, 15 seconds break, 20 seconds shuffle, 10 second break, 20 seconds shuffle, 15 seconds break, Bag flips- use length of functional floor (20 yards) there and back

1 minute break

Repeat Three more times


Battle Rope Wave: Tuck your elbows into your sides and alternate pumping your arms up and down, creating alternate waves in the rope. When you’re ready to step up the difficulty, switch to a double wave, where your arms move in tandem.


Push-Up Plank: Start in a prone plank on your forearms and press yourself up away from the ground one arm at a time into a push-up, while maintaining perfect plank position. Press first with your left forearm keeping your right palm on the ground. Then return to prone position. Press with your right forearm while your left palm remains on the ground. Alternate.


Shuffles: In a squat position (knees bent, head up) take a few quick steps to the left and touch either a cone/weight/or your left foot. Repeat on the right side.


Sand Bag Flips: Start with a sand bag flat on the ground. Place your fingers under the bag while it is in this position. Your hands and feet should be shoulder-width apart. Squat down deep, bending at the knees. As you return to a standing position, pull the bag up. Make sure to use your whole body—especially your legs—to avoid lifting solely with your back. The momentum you create should allow you to change your hand position from a pull to a push. Push the bag forward. Once it is flat, repeat the process.