A Seismic Shift

It's interesting how quickly priorities can change. At the start of this year, my goal was to turn myself into a runner. I had signed up for a local run, turned it into a fundraiser and cleared over $2000 in donations and then I found out I was pregnant.

I kept running until it simply became too difficult. Simple things that I'd been doing for a year were suddenly far more challenging. Just walking on the treadmill for an hour was difficult because of back pain and exhaustion. Trying to readjust my state of mind regarding fitness has been an even bigger challenge.

Now I listen more to my body. When I can't run, I walk. When it's difficult to walk, I get on the recumbent bike. There is something comforting for me about the gym. When I talk to my doctor, she's thrilled that I'm still working out on a regular basis. For me, this is my life now. There is no other option, just a shift in what I can and can't do.

I know that keeping my fitness as a priority will have an effect on the next few months. I've seen heavily pregnant women in yoga classes, on the treadmills and elliptical machines. Now these women are my new inspiration. If they can walk through it, I can sure try. My goal of being a runner will be put off but I love the knowledge that when I'm ready, I have a place to go where I can try again.

Jen Howell-- Jenn Howell