"Hands down the best fitness club I have ever been to in Chicago. I have been a member at FFC, Lifetime Fitness and XSport and nothing compares to LVAC! I am planning to stay in the CAC family no matter where in the city I end up moving to. The thing that really drew me here is the wide range of classes. I am someone motivated by group workouts and feel as though its the benefit of having a personal trainer without the price tag. Almost all of the classes are amazing but standouts are Live DJ Spin with Frank and Jesse; Pilates Mat with Linda and Dance classes with Martin. Special mention to Mandee at BAC, I go every week on "All Access Thursdays" to your spin class because it's amazing too! Thanks LVAC for helping me get a strong, healthy body 3-5 times per week :)." —Gabrielle P., LVAC member

"I am a longtime member and a a huge fan of the CAC (mostly for your excellent yoga and spin classes, which I attend alternately at least 5x a week for the past several years). I'm so impressed with the quality of both types of instructors that are available in the clubs, and the facilities are wonderful, the club is of tremendous value to me and I'm grateful for it." - Autumn R., WAC member

"I have been a member of CAC for over 10 years. I joined at Lincoln Park and have always had great experiences with the staff and the club amenities, enjoying classes, boot camps, quality personal trainers and the general vibe. I recently switched to the West Loop and find that the same thing there. I stay with the CAC clubs for their consistency, great offerings, great staff and comfortable environment." - Karen K., LPAC & WAC member

"I have been a member of Evanston Athletic Club for ten years and wouldn't consider going anywhere else in Evanston. It has a great community feel that makes it so much more than just a gym. From toddler swim lessons to Golden Yoga and everything in between, there's something for everybody. They offer hundreds of classes for strength, stretching, and cardio every week so you can try something new every time you go. The cardio equipment is state of the art and well maintained. With treadmills, three kinds of bikes, rowing machines, three kinds of elliptical machines, climbing machines, and more, you'll never get bored. There is enough equipment so that even during busy times it's not hard to find a machine to use. They have a huge variety of free standing weights, as well as dozens of adjustable weight machines. There is a large stretching area where members can use fun toys like exercise balls, therapy bands, medicine balls, foam rollers, and balance boards. The staff does a great job of keeping the weights and machines clean and well maintained, and repairs are made in a timely manner. Most machines have TVs, and the whole gym is equipped with free Wi-Fi. After working on you can sign up for a massage or relax in the sauna. EAC is definitely a place where you can restore physically, mentally, and emotionally." - Carrie J. EAC member

"I've been a member of the CAC clubs since 2008.  I left for 6 months last year which showed me how much I missed it.  The instructors are awesome.  The best feature of LSAC is the pool.  In fact I live closer to LVAC and LPAC, but will come up to the square just to swim.  25 yards, 5 lines - pristine.  A few negatives about the pool - separate building so its a pain if my workout is swim + something...  and the pool is reserved too much for classes/private events (especially on Saturdays).  But I've learned to always check the app to schedule my workout (yay technology!).  Most of the other swimmers are good - good mix of serious masters swimmers and newbies (I would describe myself somewhere in the middle).  and except for January, the pool is never crowded and even in January it wasn't that bad.  I never had to wait for a lane and only had to share about 50% of the time." - Wrigley F., LSAC member