Measurable Progress, Assess for Success...

Assess for SuccessNow that we are in Mid-February, its a good time to assess. I reccommend assessing about every 4-6 weeks. If you have not established a base-line assessment, I urge you to do so. Think of it as another form of accountability. Commit to your goal.

Re-visit your goals, did you write them down? I hope you did. Studies show that people who write down their goals are 33% more successful, than those just thinking about goals. So start keeping track of your goals in some form, to increase future success.

What resolutions or goals have you set? How have you been progressing? How are you feeling? Are you seeing results?

Some basic markers I like to use for assessments are, weight, bodyfat, and measurements in inches. I also have been known to employ plank test, wall-sit test, push-up or 1RPM Chest Press test, Pull-up test, Burpee test... it really depends on the clients goals when it comes to the physically demanding assessments.

Post assessment, review the inventory as a whole. Do a good re-check of your goals, and modify your programming and nutrition accordingly.

Remember, your only competition is you.

Be Well, and take time to invest in yourself.


Donna Verive- trainerDonna Walker
Fitness Nutrition Specialist

"Take time to invest in yourself"