2-on-1 Personal Training Chicago

2-on-1 Personal Training in Chicago and Evanston

Grab your workout buddy, partner, best friend, or family member, and head on over to 2-on-1 fitness training. These 2-on-1 sessions are just like personal training with the addition of having someone you love by your side. Come reach your fitness goals side-by-side with your support system. Chicago Athletic Clubs strives to offer the best of personal training in Chicago with 1-on-1 personal training, 2-on-1 personal training, and even small group training. Learn more about our 2-on-1 training here or book your first session today!



2-on-1 Expert Personal Training

Expert personal trainers are equipped with a comprehensive range of knowledge—from training for weight loss to sports and athletic conditioning. One of our experts can help you and your partner enhance your workouts, improve motivation, and achieve your desired results. CAC's Expert personal trainers embody what you may think of as the "traditional" personal trainers, but with the advanced experience, proven methodology, and world-class standards of Chicago Athletic Clubs.

Personal Training

2-on-1 Elite Personal Training

Elite personal trainers take fitness one step further with specialties in various disciplines—including injury prevention, flexibility training, and pre-post natal, to name a few. They are skilled problem solvers who can confidently help you and your partner improve strength, balance, and overall wellbeing. Elite personal trainers are perfect for those facing a unique challenge, overcoming a difficult setback, or working to improve in an area of specialty.

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2-on-1 Specialist Personal Training

Specialist personal trainers will help you and your partner in a specific focus area. Their skills often require years of in-depth or first-hand experience, such as marathon training, triathlon coaching, and training for special populations—like heart transplant patients and cancer survivors. Specialist personal trainers also act as a bridge between physical therapy and recovery to fully rehabilitate any injury.


Benefits of 2-on-1 Personal Training

Why choose 2-on-1 personal training in Chicago and Evanston? This fitness offering combines the best of every possible fitness outlet. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from 2-on-1 training.
  • Support and accountability: Fitness is easier when you have someone you love by your side. This brings extra support, accountability, and a little bit of fun into each training session. 
  • Split the costs: Individualized fitness support has never been more affordable! 2-on-1 training sessions let you split the cost with your partner—making them more financially accessible than individual training sessions. 
  • Targeted fitness support: Unlike group fitness classes, personal training offers workouts tailored to you and your partner. Attack your fitness goals like never before with 2-on-1 training.  

You can access these benefits through our virtual personal training, outdoor personal training, or in-person at one of our Chicago or Evanston gym locations. 

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Personal Training Pricing 

How much does personal training cost? While every gym is different, Chicago Athletic Clubs has tailored our prices based on training duration, level, and focus to make personal training as affordable as possible. You can view our pricing guide to Personal Training at CAC below. Virtual and outdoor training sessions are priced the same as our indoor sessions.

CAC Personal Training Pricing Guide

Personal Training Guidelines and Waivers 

To partnering with one of our Chicago personal trainers as easy as possible, we have included the CAC guidelines and waivers below.  Each client must be present when paying for package (entire package must be purchased at the same time.)

  • Non-members must pay an additional $25 guest fee per session regardless of how many sessions and/or packages are purchased.
  • To avoid being charged for your session, please give 24-hour notice to change or cancel an appointment.
  • Sessions must be prepaid and are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Save time by downloading appropriate forms here and bringing them to your first personal training session.

Document PDFs

To view the Time Saver Forms, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Personal Training Physician Release Form

Personal Training Client Waiver Form

Personal Training Physical Activity Questionnaire

Personal Training Personal Health History

Personal Training Policies Agreement

Personal Training Pre/Postnatal Client Waiver Form

Personal Training Pre/Postnatal Doctor Release Form

Personal Training Action Plan






CAC Personal Trainers

They're ready to kick your butt.



Jesse Kulla


My mission is to help you find out what you need and help you achieve your personal best, and have fun doing it. Whether you are a seasoned athlete, or brand new to the gym, it’s important to remember that the only person you can compare yourself against is yourself, yesterday. 


Brian McClelland


As a trainer, my approach is to collaborate with client’s goals while providing strategy, guidance, and support to achieve results. To accomplish that, I blend my knowledge of strength and resistance training, with the strategies of endurance training, to give clients a balanced approach to fitness.


Jessica Dare


My main goal is deliver safe and functional fitness to clients that improves their lives in several facets. Jessica Specializes in Core development, Speed and agility, Functional Training, Nutrition, Sport-specific Exercise, Strength and Conditioning, Fat Loss/Weight Management


Katie Duffy


Katie loves working with people of all ages, personalities, & abilities. Whether you are an athlete or just want to feel better about your body, she is here to assist you in becoming a healthier & happier person. Not only is it rewarding to help you achieve your goals, it's an inspiration. . Her creativity is driven through others passion, motivation & goals.  


Ramona Curtis


As a former dancer and a current skier and Spin Instructor, fitness has always been a part of my life. As your trainer my approach will be to challenge you to reach your fitness goals but with the understanding that it doesn’t matter your age or stage of fitness, I will come to you without judgment and always with compassion.


Peter Falconer


I began lifting with the goal of putting on mass. In the process, I fell in love with the sport of powerlifting , not only because of improved body composition but as tools to sharpen body and mind. It isn’t about comparing yourself to other people; instead it’s about competing with your own self. Going forward, I have found helping women and men reach their goals to be very rewarding, more so than anything I could have imagined.

Want to Join Our Team?

We are always looking for new trainers and staff members to help keep our studio running. If you have experience and would like to join our team please check out some of the open positions on our jobs page.