CHECK IN, BOOK CLASSES, BOOK POOL LANES AND so much more in our app. 


Download The APP

Make sure you have our LATEST app!

This app is brand new. 

SO, if you have the OLD WHITE square app,

make sure you download the new GREY square app.

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Sign Up


Use the email address associated with your membership. If you do not know the email address associated with your account, or would like to change your email you can call your club.

If you get an error message telling you that you already have an account, try to request a new password.

Select your club

Select your CAC home club location. Even if you are All Access, your membership is associated with your home club location. (that is the club you originally signed up at)

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If you are creating a new account you may get a verification screen. 

Please check your email for a temporary password. Put the code in the app and log in again.


Set up your Profile

Click on the home button on the bottom left hand side of the app. Click on the PROFILE icon. Fill out the form completely, including your barcode. Your barcode is necessary for checking into the club. If you have % in your barcode no need to type those in. If you do not know your barcode you can find it on your key swipe tag or email...


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Click on the home button. Click on the BARCODE icon. (looks like a swipe tag) and confirm that your account is authenticated.


Book your class

Click on Group Fitness under the club page. Click on Calendar. Find the class you would like to BOOK. Click on BOOK CLASS. 

Classes are available to book on the app 24 hours in advance. 


Book a Class


Each class will have a waitlist. We encourage members to utilize the waitlist as online reservations change more often than in club reservations do! 

Once someone cancels from the class and you are moved from the waitlist into the class you will receive a notification and an email letting you know you are now in the class!

Notifications can be found by clicking the little bell on the top right header of your club page.

Check in

Bring your phone to the front desk. After your temperature has been taken, open the NEW, GREY square, CAC app. Click on the BARCODE icon on the top of the menu. It will open your barcode and appointments. 

Scan yourself in the club. Your instructor will monitor attendance in your class.


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Cancel booking


If you can not attend your class or pool reservation please cancel your booking so that another member can take your spot.

To cancel, simply go back to the GROUP FITNESS page, Click on CALENDAR just like you did when you signed up.

Find your name and swipe left to reveal the delete button.

You will receive a pop up that confirms that you want to cancel.

Canceling when your plans change allows another member to automatically come of the waitlist, so please take the time to cancel if you can't come to class.