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Results are essential. To ensure my clients get the results they want, I start by clearly identifying what you want to achieve and develop a program that will inspire and motivate you for success. Starting with a variety of exercises, we work together to find what works for your personal style both physically and mentally. I also require my clients to identify both short and long term goals, seeing results in the short term helps you stay motivated for the long term and helps you focus on being committed to good health and wellness. I promise you a great workout and guarantee, if you follow a balanced healthy lifestyle, a more lean, strong, and fit you.

National Personal Training Institute, NPTI-CPT

Fat-loss, Strength Gains, Muscular Endurance, High-Intensity Training, Boxing, Basic Nutrition Information

Specialist Trainer

Location: West Loop

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I am pleased to recommend Matt Hongosh as a personal trainer. I have worked with other trainer's in the past but none of them produced the results that I have achieved with Matt. I've been working with Matt since March of 2010 he helped me achieve the weight loss and muscle definition I wanted, I now look great and feel better both physically and mentally. Matt's diet help allows me to still enjoy the foods I love but he has made me more conscious to eat at the right times of the day to give me the energy I need when it will be used rather than becoming fat. Working with Matt in the gym is very enjoyable he knows how to make a workout fun yet at the same time he knows how to push me so I make progress. What I really appreciated about Matt's approach is he combines cardio, strength training and muscle definition all in one session, I really feel I have not only learned new techniques but I also had a real workout session. Matt is very unique compared with other trainers his personality and energy helped me keep focused and encouraged, he is the only trainer I have encountered who will check on me on non session days to see if I am following the program or need a morale boost. Matt is a great personal trainer he not only taught me how to train my body but also my mind and spirit to reach my goals. Steven J. Zannoni

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