Jacob Dermer

JAKE DERMERIntroduction
I believe that everyone can benefit from strength training. Whether you want to be a better athlete or have an easier time getting off the couch, there are always reasons to better yourself. My philosophy as a trainer is to teach everyone the basic principles of weight training. Once my clients have established a strong foundation of flexibility, form, and core stability; I try to get all my clients to be able to squat, do a variation of dead lift, and do a variation of bench press. Weight training is the most effective way to lose fat and gain muscle. That being said, I am also an avid runner. I think that cardiovascular exercise is the single greatest thing a person can do for their health. Cardiovascular exercise will make you live a longer and healthier life because of how much it improves the function of your heart and your body’s ability to utilize oxygen. Additionally studies have shown that high endurance exercise programs are as effective as depression medication; and exercise can even help you sleep! Therefore I cater my training sessions to meet my client’s goals. I am first and foremost here to help you improve!

B.S. in Kinesiology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

NASM-CPT, CPR American Heart association

Sport Specific Training, Strength Training, Running Form, Weight Lose Specific Training, Rock Climbing Specific Training, General Health and Fitness

Specialist Trainer


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