Kyla Blum


KYLA BLUMIntroduction
My fitness journey started 13 years ago when I decided to become a more healthy version of my rock and roll lifestyle. After having each of my 3 kids it pushed me to become stronger and dive deeper in to finding sanity and self love. That’s my desire in training my clients. Now as a NASM certified personal trainer and FNS (fitness nutrition specialist) I focus on weight and fat loss while incorporating yoga elements to improve flexibility and peace of mind, as well as building strength and muscle tone. I want to help you accomplish your goals and set you up for the most amazing success you desire. By training our bodies we strengthen our minds and deepen the love we have for ourselves, our zeal to live our best life. My clients are my priority and I’m always here for you if you need a little extra push of motivation. While I am supportive and encouraging, I will always push you a little further.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Weight Loss, Strength, Nutrition

Expert Trainer
Location: Bucktown

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