Andrea Canizares-Fernandez

If you’re interested in working as a team to transform an aspect of yourself, then you’ve found the right trainer! My entire job is to find the most effective and productive way to reach the goal you are hoping to achieve. When it comes to personal training, I believe in prioritizing consistency, communication, and the relationship between the client and trainer. Over the past five years, consistent exercise and attention to fitness has led to a dramatic improvement in both my physical and emotional health. I’ve delved into many types of exercise: marathon training, strength training, soccer, swimming, weight lifting, circuit training, HIIT, pilates, yoga, barre, spin, etc and have found that there are countless ways to incorporate exercise into your life. The only common denominator is viewing fitness as an integral part of your daily life, not simply an hour at the gym.

Northwestern University BA in Theatre, Psychology, and Environmental Policy & Culture

ISFTA & AAIA Certified Personal Trainer, Barre, CPR/AED

HIIT, Circuit Training, Barre, Women seeking to lose fat, Vegan nutrition, Lifestyle Coaching

Elite Trainer
Location: Lincoln Square

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