Travis Knight

A few summers ago my friend and I were working out at a park and a woman asked what we were training for. My response was “for life.” Although we all found that humorous at the time, what I’ve come to realize while training people over the last few years is that training for life is exactly what I’d like to encourage people to do. Using personal training to equip individuals with the right tools to keep themselves healthy and physically able to move through every stage of life. I like to think of my relationships with clients as athletic collaborations. You and I will work together to achieve your health and fitness goals and transform you into the person you want to be.

General Fitness (All levels), Strength/Resistance/Functional/Bodyweight Training, Circuit Training, High Intensity Interval Training, Weight Loss/Gain/Maintenance, Speed, Agility, & Quickness Training, Sport Specific, Cardiovascular Endurance, Stability and Flexibility.


Elite Trainer

Location: Lincoln Square

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