Ryan McNeal

RYAN MCNEALIntroduction
For me, fitness has been a lifelong journey where results are achieved through sweat equity and determination. Together we will confront weaknesses, develop strategies to overcome training pitfalls, and improve on problem areas. I will provide comprehensive training programs appropriate for beginners to elite athletes, which develops total body strength, cardiovascular endurance, core strength, stretching, and nutrition fundamentals. I have a strong commitment in helping you achieve your training goals and promise always to offer friendship, to push you, provide understanding, and promote a success-oriented training environment to attain your fitness goals.

NSCA: Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach, NSCA: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NSCA: Certified Personal Trainer, USAW: Sports Performance Coach Certified, UW- Milwaukee: Strength and Conditioning Certified

Comprehensive Strength and Conditioning Training, Olympic Lift Training, Sports Performance Training, Speed & Agility Training, Fitness Testing, Kettlebell Basics, Post Rehab Injury Recovery, Baseball Strength and Conditioning

Specialist Trainer

Location: Bucktown

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