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Lyle Shirley

LYLE SHIRLEYIntroduction
My athletic and fitness experience stems from a lifelong involvement in the sport of lacrosse. I have 15 years coaching experience at the youth and high school levels, and 5 years experience playing at the professional level, where I was fortunate enough to win a national championship. Through athletics I have realized the importance of optimum physical fitness. I believe that this is achieved with proper nutrition, a challenging yet achievable workout program, and stress reduction. I believe in establishing a solid foundation of the basics of exercise, and then building on that foundation to help clients achieve their individual needs.

Education, Experience & Credentials
ACE (American Council on Exercise) ASEP (American Sport Education Program); Coaching Principles and Sports First Aid American Heart Association: CPR/AED

Strength and Conditioning, General Fitness, Functional Training, Weight Management
Personal Trainer

Specialist Trainer

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