Frank Sassetti


Exercise should be fun, exciting and challenging – not painful drudgery. I believe that training programs that best serve clients include flexibility, core stability, strength, endurance and cardio training. Incorporating these aspects into a program provides the variety that keeps the fun in the program and constantly challenges clients - keeping them motivated and interested. As a clinical psychologist I understand the powerful effects that engaging in an effective and fun fitness program can have on one’s emotional well-being by increasing energy, reinvigorating self-confidence, creating a sense of optimism, fighting stress and creating a feeling of balance. As a trainer I work with clients to create a time efficient, practical program specific to their desires, whether it is for a specific sport, the joy of staying fit or to move through life more easily.

Education, Experience & Credentials
Doctorate in clinical psychology


Functional training for general fitness Body toning and sculpting Strength training Sport specific training Sports psychology

Contact Information

Location: Evanston

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