Andrew Leonard


My mission is to improve your quality of life: move well, be strong, and live life from an empowered place. Fitness can be the catalyst that has you choose how to live the rest of your life. These desires drove the vision of what I want for you, my clients: To shift your relationship to exercise, nutrition, and life, so that each becomes a part of who you are and supports what you are up to in the world.Every journey begins with the first action.  Are you ready for your journey to being? Email me right now!


N.P.T.I., Strong First Kettlebell Level I & II, Functional Movement Systems Level I & II, TRX Suspension Training, Precision Nutrition, Accomplishment Coaching Graduate

Kettlebells, Barbell Training, Strength Training, Lifestyle Transformation, Strength Training for Runners, Corrective Exercise 

LSAC PT Manager
Specialist Trainer

Location: Lincoln Square

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