Michael Lopez

As a personal trainer, it’s my hope to be the catalyst for people to achieve new levels of motivation and fitness. I believe that together we can find a system that works for you, your goals, and your time. Dancing for nine years, I have honed my discipline and learned the true importance of fitness. It’s a necessity for your physical strength and a genuine aid to your mental well-being. My passion for working out is something I try to transfer to my clients every day. Seeing growth, results, and a motivation to come back after every session is what makes this job so gratifying. That in mind, I like to provide strong foundations in functional fitness, while also focusing on range of motion, posture, and endurance. The ultimate goal is to create a comfortable space for every client to feel as confident and healthy as possible, all while making it fun! 

University of Central Florida (BA in Theatre and Dance), NASM-CPT, CPR/AED, Experienced Dance Instructor

Functional Fitness, Flexibility, HIIT, Weight Loss & Core Development, Nutrition, Strength Endurance

Expert Trainer

Location: Lakeview

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