Leta Stevens

Leta started her fitness journey in 2013 when she invested in her first personal trainer. She quickly became addicted to the physical and mental challenge of physical fitness. In 2014, she began competing in NPC bikini competitions. For over three years she competed in bodybuilding competitions, pushing her body to the limits. This lead her to her first ever yoga class. She quickly fell in love with how yoga could calm the mind, enhance and improve range of motion, and bring her back to her breath. Now, Leta, a certified yoga instructor and NASM certified personal trainer, is on a mission to fuse weightlifting with the power of mindfulness, breath-work, and the mind-muscle connection. Leta recognizes the power of intention in your physical fitness goals. Training with Leta, you will focus on feeling strong and empowered, both in the gym and in your body. Leta believes in a holistic approach to fitness and movement, providing well-rounded fitness programs for clients that help them reach their goals + deepen their self-awareness. You will push past your perceived limits and truly find who you are. Leta also offers private yoga instruction at WPAC.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer; RYT-200

Yoga, Strength/Resistance Training, Flexibility/Mobility

Expert Trainer

Location: Wicker Park

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