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Landree Fleming

Taking care of our bodies is a top priority, but so often we get wrapped up in work, family and friends that we let our health fall to the wayside. I want to help you learn how to confidently incorporate fitness seamlessly into your daily life so that it's second nature. In the process, not only will you look fitter and feel more vibrant, but you'll fall in love with what your body can do. My fitness programs are catered to your specific needs and goals and include strength training, conditioning, and mobility work. And everything is geared toward creating functionality so that you feel strong outside the gym as well! We'll incorporate a wide variety of exercises to keep your body guessing and challenged. Let's get stronger, healthier and happier together! All aboard the health gains train!


Strength and Endurance Training, Functional Fitness, CrossFit, Metabolic Conditioning, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Programming Design

Expert Trainer
Location: Wicker Park

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