Kimberly Michaelson

Kimberly_Michaelson.jpgKimberly woke up one day five years ago after quitting a smoking habit she formed in her preteen years to discover an unpleasant surprise: she couldn’t snap her ‘fat’ pants. It was a wakeup call that motivated miniscule baby steps towards a lifestyle change that at first was only articulated with a limited vision of wanting to be able to snap her pants without a safety pin’s assistance. The humble beginnings involved many sobbing, frustrated, failed attempts to complete more than one pushup on her knees. Slowly, through determined, gritted teeth and a wholesale refusal to accept failure, the pounds began to come off.  Then, she began to see the slightest ripples of muscle definition. People started to ask her advice on how she did it, which motivated more progress and deeper lifestyle changes. With encouragement from other LVAC instructors, she got certified to teach Group Exercise, then Core and Functional Fitness, then Spin and Aqua. Now, Kimberly encourages studios packed with members digging deep, finding the strength and pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone at Lincoln Park, Lakeview and Lincoln Square.

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