Jerome Manansala

Jerome_Manansala.jpgJerome earned his 200hour-teaching certificate from yogaview in Chicago in 2014. There, he studied extensively under Geri Bleier, Claire Mark, Quinn Kearney and Tom Quinn. In addition to learning basic skeletal and muscular anatomy, he studied the form and function of every major group of yoga asanas, as well as how to create sequences for different levels of experience, injuries, and body types, and how to verbally cue and physically adjust students into proper alignment.

He has a rigorous personal yoga practice, which began in 2012 at CAC clubs in Wicker Park and Lincoln Square with teachers including Dana Christy, Kelly Tahini, Angela Tomasetti, Gina Saka, and Hannah Marthaler. It was under their expertise and example that he quickly developed from an eager student into a knowledgeable, compassionate teacher. Jerome offers options in his vinyasa flow classes to accommodate every level of experience from beginner to expert. He sequences each class intuitively, constantly assessing each student and their level of engagement and choosing each series of poses based on the class’s energy and enthusiasm.

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