Jacob Waldron


I believe fitness is a journey, it is unique for every person, and whether your goal is increasing your one rep max, keeping up with your grandchildren, or running the Chicago Marathon, I want to be your partner in Health. For me, specificity is the name of the game, I want to find out what makes you tick, which exercises you enjoy and which you don’t, how hard you can be pushed, where you feel confident, and what about fitness that still makes you nervous. Being specific in every rep, every goal, every step of your journey will ensure you get a program as unique as you are, one that gets you across your finish line. Together we will make exercise something that you look forward to, where you can relieve stress, push past your limits, and even have some fun, all while looking and feeling better than you ever have before. As an athlete and actor, my fitness experience ranges from yoga and dance, to Olympic lifting and golf; so whatever exercise it is that you respond to, rest assured, we will find it together.

NASM Certified Personal Training Course 2020
CAP21 Conservatory, New York, NY – Certificate of Musical Theatre 2014



NASM Golf Fitness Certification (in Progress)

General Fitness, Strength Training, Golf Fitness 

Orlando, FL

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Location: Lincoln Park, Bucktown, Wicker Park, and West Loop

Email: jwaldron@chicagoatheticclubs.com

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