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Jack Kaufman

Eight years ago I took up fitness and it was a ‘chore’. Every day since, it has grown into a passion. Whether or not you fall in love with it or truly just enjoy the process... exercise, and resistance training specifically, is a universal medicine.
My goal is simple: to educate my clients on how to best use their time both inside and outside the gym to increase happiness (usually via a specific, physical goal) and longevity (a benefit inherent to the discipline). I guess what I’m saying is... Take your medicine.

M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies, Tel Aviv University B.A. in Linguistics, University of Florida

PTA Global.. Power Plate.. Trigger Point Therapy..

Body Composition Change (Fat loss, Muscle Gain).. Olympic Weightlifting.. Powerlifting.. Gymnastics Strength Training/Calisthenics.. Interval/Circuit (‘Bootcamp’) Training

Expert Trainer

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