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Hannah Lee

Hannah Lee (Webster Place).jpgIntroduction
Since lifting my first weight in a dingy high school gym for fall conditioning with the varsity softball team to racing triathlons for a club team in college, I have never stopped striving to find new fitness challenges to overcome and making health and wellness a top priority. Over the years, I participated in various sports and activities, like triathlons, recreational sports, weightlifting, and utilized various training techniques and adaptations to different planes of movement and strength building. In December of 2016, I took my passion for fitness and health one step further and became a certified personal trainer. Using my fitness and health background, I have developed programs with an emphasis on form, technique, and function as well as optimized health and wellness. I always value the interactions I have with my clients, learning about their life stories, engaging with their day-to-day routines, and am committed to creating safe and welcoming environments to help them reach their fitness goals and make healthier choices.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo- Bachelor's in Biological Sciences, Conc. in Human Anatomy & Physiology and DePaul University- Master's in Nursing

NASM CPT, TRX Suspension Training, Stages Cycling 

Strength & Weight Training, Circuit Training, Conditioning & Endurance Training, Functional Movement, General Health and Wellness

Expert Trainer

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