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Gina Rizzo

Gina_Rizzo.jpgGina attended her first yoga class at a community center in Rogers Park with her roommates back in 1999. Over the following ten years, she would leave her mat and come back with varying levels of dedication, until she finally stayed put and found that her recurring love affair was not merely a hobby, but more so a necessity.

Yoga brought her peace and clarity and, throughout a particularly rough patch, her moments on the mat were the only time in her day in which she was able to turn inward and actually felt good about herself. Yoga has allowed her to conquer fears, find strength, and be more in tune with her body and mind. When a change that big happens, how can you resist sharing it?

Gina hopes her attention to detailed and safe alignment, her playful personality, and her focus on inclusion and accessibility will allow you to, as Rumi writes, “be silently drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.”


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