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Gina Melchiorri

Fitness has always been a major component in my life, whether I was at  dance class, playing street hockey with my brothers, or going to the gym with my dad. It was through physical activity and being kind to my body that I gained confidence to successfully battle Depression and Anxiety; physical activity was my outlet and my personal source of empowerment. Working out allowed me to focus on my self in a hectic world and to reduce stress while challenging myself in a productive and healthy way. I believe fitness is an investment in one's health in all facets: physical, mental, and emotional. Personal training allows me to inspire others to be their best self, be proud of their progress, and gain a sense of mental strength and stamina. For my clients and their own fitness journeys, I strive to be a positive source of encouragement, motivation, guidance, and support while providing a friendly, trusting environment.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

EXPERT Trainer



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